Press Release - Reminder to UK Motorcycle Owners Remember to Change Your Brake Fluid!

A UK based Motorcyle Parts and Accessories Company are sending FREE bottles of DOT 4 Brake Fluid with every order of EBC Brake Pads. MSA Offers Free Brake Fluid to Remind Motorcycle Owners to Change Their Fluid When Changing Pads, they will send you a FREE bottle of DOT 4 Brake Fluid with every order of EBC Brake Pads. Dateline: ... Read More »

25th Jul 2012
Wordpress now Updated to 3.4 and The Ultimate WP SEO Plugin!

Word Press has recently released their latest upgrade and it really does rock! Wordpress really has done a fantastic job with this lasest update. Lots of now native Social Media Engagement Options in the Admin area. Also, it looks like Twitter has had a big hand in it because I think this WP update is  all "Boot Strap" and the Twitter sharing ... Read More »

13th Jun 2012
FAQs Update and Knowledge Base Tutorials for Mobile Web

Be Mobile Website Compatibile or Bust!     Follow up on the announcement from yesterday, I have added a new page to our website to assist everyone in the world with getting comfortable with Mobile Website Compatability. This post is just a qyick to drop the link out. I do hope my time and effort has been worthwhile, please let me know ... Read More »

7th Jun 2012
Mobile WebSite Setup Assistant Now Easier to Work With!

Around 60% of Mobile Users who Visit a Website WILL NOT GO BACK after a bad experience! Taking that into account and with Web Traffic from Mobile devices increasing world-wide at over 150% per annum compounding, on-line businesses that quickly optimise their websites to make the user’s experience a good one, will reap the rewards and ... Read More »

5th Jun 2012 - Getting Close Now and Looking Good

Amorsun Holidays are Looking Good We have been working with this website for a few months now and are happy to announce that we are nearly ready to go balistic!   Amorsun is a UK based Company established to provide Canary Island Villa Holiday Rental and Management Services On-line. I can't say too much right now, because that would be ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2012
Social Media Day Today

Facebook Timelines and Apps Rock! We have been updating some existing Facebook pages for our clients as well as setting up some new ones for others, and I must say, that Facebook really is going balistic with their creative social integration. Check out this shopping cart site selling replacement fridge water filters UK wide (Free and ... Read More »

23rd May 2012
Facebook Product Guide

We've done it again! Trade Host UK is continually on the lookout for quality guides and manuals to share with our clients, as a free value added service. This time when I was setting up a brand new page for a brand new online shopping website for Fridge Water Filters in the UK call we found an 8 page PDF which unlocks all the mysteries and ... Read More »

22nd May 2012
Write Good Sales Copy - Calls to Action

Message to all Our Valued Trade Host UK Customers A new resource is now available for Trade Host UK Clients to download and use. Today we have added another category to our expanding download repository of Internet marketing tools and information. We started with some great SEO advice and then added the Social Media section. After that came the ... Read More »

20th May 2012
New Knowledgebase Tutorial Explaining Sub Accounts

How to Use and Why to Use Sub Accounts Another value added service that we provide our clients and their staffor contractors with, is the Sub Account system. This is a little confusing because we also refer to Sub Accounts as our Contacts. Both Sub Accounts and Contact Accounts are managed together on the same page using the same form. It makes ... Read More »

11th May 2012
Report Viewer for SEO Clients

Four New Tutorials Added to a New Category We have added 4 easy to follow tutorials to the SEO category of our ever expanding Knowledge base. Here is the URL to take a look now: They have been produced after several requests from clients who were finding it a ... Read More »

7th May 2012